PERCEPTIONS: Photographs by David Brodsky

December 2 – 23, 2017, Jacksonville, Illinois

 "One of the Springfield area’s most gifted and impressive artists is Ukraine-born photographer David Brodsky, whose current solo exhibition, “Perceptions,” at Jacksonville’s David Strawn Gallery, is not to be missed. Brodsky’s quasi-street photography often manages to somehow feel both uncannily candid and perfectly composed, quite an achievement in itself. This aesthetic mastery, combined with an innate sense of narrative (every picture quite literally tells a story, some funny, some eerie, some poignant, some all three) makes the treasure trove of images in “Perceptions” a joy to behold. The Strawn Gallery itself, an elegantly maintained multistory house donated in 1915 to the Jacksonville Art Association for use as a gallery, is worth the drive for those who haven’t had the pleasure."

– Scott Faingold, Illinois Times, 12.2017